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Perfect fit

Skate Escape Pro Shop is now located inside the Bike Pro Shop right next door.  We are fully stocked, and here to serve you.  Please stop by and check us out.

Skate Information (Quad and Inline)

Skate Escape is known throughout the country as a, Skate Specialty Pro Shop.  We have catered to the needs of skaters for over 37 years.  We thank all who have let us serve them.  Those needs have changed so much over the last several years, and, we make every attempt to stay ahead.

Whether  you skate on Quad or Inline, remember that it is all Rollerskating.  It is so exciting to see the main Skate Companies going back to the drawing board,  to develop new products for us Skaters.  It has been a long time coming!  What a choice in:  Wheels, Plates, Boots, Bearings, and accessories! (lights and pom-poms too)

We have Rollerblade skates in stock.  So many styles to choose from to suit your needs. We also stock children’s sizes which extend to give several years of use.

Do you skate Derby, Dance/Freestyle, Jam, Speed, Recreationally, Indoor/Outdoor, etc.?   We stock a variety of Skate models.  More than any shop in the Southeast. We also have a great selection of safety gear, which we do recommend.  We are the,” One Stop Shop.”

We Custom Build Skates.  The first pair were Cowboy Boots, good thing I have small hands.  Many styles have included Jump Boots, Hiking boots, Military Boots, Tennis Shoes(with solid soles), Custom made shoes with a keyboard stitched on, and so many more.  Ronnie, Baby, the crew, and I(Janice), are here to help  you get the right combination to suit your needs.

Making the right choice is important to you, and, to us.  We provide excellent service, and, will provide you with the correct fit.  We hope that you will choose us as your Skate Pro Shop.

Some Custom Skates We have Built

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